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All our modules are pre-recorded, live sessions and designed to fit in with your schedule.

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About the Institute

The Manolis Heliotis Institute of Orthognathic Surgery is a renowned hub of expertise and experience dedicated to Orthognathic & Maxillofacial Surgery. Our mission is to share valuable insights and knowledge with our colleagues, trainees, and patients.

Our Offerings

  • Comprehensive Courses On Orthognathic Surgery And Orthodontics.
  • Auditing Of Orthognathic Outcomes To Ensure High-Quality Results.
  • A Platform For Research Publication And Collaborative Development In The Field.
  • Extensive Patient Support And Resources For Those Undertaking Their Orthognathic Journey.
  • Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery courses

Our online, high-end continuing professional purchasable courses are run by Mr Heliotis in conjunction with a faculty of expert orthodontists and surgeons who have a wealth of experience in their fields.

All modules are pre-recorded, live sessions and designed to fit in with your schedule and you will be provided a with unique personalised CPD certification on completion.

Courses are virtual and are accompanied by video recording of step-by-step orthognathic planning, from the basics to the most complex of cases, as well as recording of orthognathic surgical techniques.

Read our Testimonials & Reviews

"Superb orthognathic course!

Packed full of endless practical tips designed to aid the surgeon and orthodontist."

- Dr Sunil Hirani
(Consultant Orthodontist SmileLux Practice Milton Keynes)

"This exceptional course swiftly covered fundamentals, advancing to complex topics over weeks. It included valuable educational material, case studies from start to post-surgery, and expertise from colleagues. The remarkable case treatments showcased Mr. Heliotis's years of surgical wisdom. It's undoubtedly the best, most advanced course in this field I've attended."

- Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos 
(Consultant Orthodontist 11-12 Wimple Street)

"Excellent course covering the key topics in orthognathics from a surgical and orthodontic prospective. All the faculty members were extremely knowledgeable and appraochable. I would highly recommend this course to orthodontists and omfs surgeons/trainees."

- Dr Farnaz Motamedi

(Consultant Orthodontist Northwick Park Hospital and Ealing Dental Specialists)

"I would highly recommend the course for any oral and Maxillofacial trainees. The course provides a broad, detailed and nuanced program which covers all aspects of orthognathic surgery and planning for the surgical registrar. It is the kind of course which cannot be replicated by books or papers, but instead is the lived, practical knowledge of a highly experienced orthognathic surgeon and orthodontic team."

- Dr Hussein Mohamedbhai
(Maxillofacial Surgeon)

All modules are pre-recorded, live sessions and designed to fit in with your schedule. FIND THE COURSE FOR YOU. IT’S AS EASY AS 1.2.3 !